The health sector is one that is always under pressure to keep its files both extremely secure and accessible. However, it’s a sector which has often felt helpless due to the fact that its IT departments are usually supplied with a slither of funding in which to enhance its IT resources to the fullest.

A recent 2012 survey on data disaster recovery showed that many companies within the health sector are concerned about the effectiveness of their current local backup systems. In fact, fifty three percent of them confirmed their fears in the area of recovering their data, expressing deep concerns over slow recoveries and the unproductiveness of staff due to significant periods of downtime.

Although economics could presently be held as the reason for a lack of much needed funding in IT departments, times ahead appear to be looking a lot more promising, with thirty two percent predicting that almost half of its IT infrastructure will be online backup based within a year’s time.

Online backup would be a welcome addition in the minds of many IT professionals in this sector, and could finally remove the risks and threats currently surrounding local backup systems which can be hit by viruses, hard drive corruption, accidental damage, shortages, and natural disasters.

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