Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered how it was feeling while it was out for a walk or was at home all day by itself?

Well, soon thanks to a smart collar from Fujitsu, which transmits a report of your dog’s health to your online backup account, this could be possible.

So how on earth is this possible?

This is due to a special device which can be easily fitted to your dog’s collar. Once attached, this device will proceed to monitor a whole range of aspects to do with your pet, such as:

- the number of steps it takes

- signs of shivering

- and external changes in temperature

Health issues such as obesity and diabetes will be a lot easier to spot thanks to this device which can analyse the recorded data.

The smart collar would be a great addition for dog owners who don’t always have enough time to keep an eye on how they’re doing. They will be able to do this either by checking reports through a website based online backup service, or through an Android application.

By utilising online backup as a way of uploading health reports of man’s best friend, if you’re on holiday or are simply working late in the office, you’ll only ever be a click away from peace of mind.

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