So it’s that time of year again when students migrate to various campuses around the country. For many this will be their first real taste of freedom away from their parents and will certainly be the first time they have had to deal with bills and large amounts of responsibility for themselves and their possessions. Upon arrival at their student accommodation they will be greeted by the standard welcome manual in which there will be advice about insuring all electronics and items of value. It won’t however mention the importance of backing up their data and doing it in a secure and reliable way.

The manuals also fail to mention the recent study by the UK Home Office that students are more than three times more likely to be stolen from than any other demographic. Whilst insured students will be able to claim for a new laptop or computer, the insurance certainly won’t replace an entire iTunes library and definitely won’t be able to replace any dissertation or thesis work.

Students spend hours a week working, for up to seven years and only back up their precious files and research using their hard drives, discs or very losable Flash Drives. We encourage every student to virtually insure themselves with MyPC Backup as it completely eliminates the risk of losing years of work for a very modest fee.

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