It was announced last week, that Facebook were about to release something awesome, and the rumour mill has beem churning as to what this might be.

The most likely one is the announcement of "Skype" video integration onto Facebook, most likely to rival the video chat tol on the new Google+

Facebook and Skype first talked about doing something together way back in September 2010, however they could not reach any kind of agreement. When the new Skype 5.0 was released in back in October 2010, the new version offered video calling to Facebook friends, but it did not include any type of video chatting feature. The integration was a one-way street, only Skype added a few Facebook features to its client.

When Facebook failed to buy Skype, the company was likely still very pleased that computer giant Microsoft got the Luxembourg-based company over one of its rival bidders Google. Microsoft and Facebook have been partners for a very long time, and one of the biggest reasons for this is simple, the software giant and the social giant realize they need to work together to compete with the search giant in all markets on the web.

Even though Facebook began discussions with Skype way before Microsoft were even in the picture, something tells me the software giant’s pending acquisition didn’t hurt discussions between the two web companies.

Once the deal goes through, and assuming this whole rumour mill ends up being correct, Then Facebook will finally be integrating something that Microsoft owns to its website. Previously, the partnership between the two has only seen Microsoft integrating Facebook into its own products

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