Facebook have added more security against phishing and malware scammers, by partnering with security firm Websense.

As of next week, users will now be warned that they are about to be taken to a malicious website, if the user is directed to do so.

Facebook currently only tells users if they are about to visit an external site, but the current system does not make any distinction between friendly and dangerous sites.

The new technology will now present a warning screen whenever it suspects that a page poses a threat to the users, giving details of the risk.
Both Facebook and Websense will hope that these extra security measures will be enough to deter potential scammers, from focusing their efforts on the network.

"Scams regularly catch out hundreds of thousands of users at a time, as more of these 'friend in the middle' attacks happen, you start to trust your friends less.” Said Websense's Spencer Parker

"As a piece of real estate, it's extremely profitable to be targeted by malware writers."

In addition, the system will "follow" links made using popular URL shorteners - such as bit.ly and ow.ly - to verify their safety.

Due to the nature, and just how much we interact with our friends, Mr Parker says that phishing attacks on Facebook are much harder to prevent than other commonly used techniques.

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