The are thousands of vendors who are constantly releasing backup solutions as an alternative to Windows backup however with Windows 8 just around the corner it is likely that the amount of Windows backup alternative options will fall. If you think about it, vendors aren't going to make Windows alternatives if Windows are going to release a new Windows backup system as they probably won't be able to compete if the system is good, therefore these vendors might start focusing on Mac or Linux backup systems. However, if Windows don't live up to expectations and it turns out that the new Windows backup system is just as useless as the old one then users of Windows could in trouble as less vendors will have focused on an alternative for them. It has been the way for a long time that whenever a computer backup vendor released a new system, the first operating system to be compatible would be Windows as then they had an alternative to the poor Windows backup default system. This is unlikely to remain the norm as Windows backup alternative vendors plan for the future and cater to the needs of other markets such as Linux backup and Mac backup.

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