We’ve all heard it, haven’t we?—‘The only Mac backup software you can run on a Mac computer is iCloud.’

And unfortunately, when you hear it a lot, especially from peers and friends you know well, it starts to sink in, and in the end, sound true.

However, in life, 90% of the things we hear spawn from opinion, speculation, and assumptions. The other remaining 10% is fact.

As for those people who think Mac backup for some reason is unique and cannot run anything but Apple software, they are mistaken. Whether they’ve been misinformed by others or have reached this conclusion themselves, it still remains a fact that there are many other Mac backup providers out there who can offer a service to users of the operating system and its other related devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Take our Mac backup software, for example, which has been specifically developed for the platform. It’s fully functional and offers exactly the same features and high levels of performance as our Windows version, and so if you’re after a huge roster of the latest and most useful backup tools around, coupled with a highly secure service, you needn’t look any further than MyPC Backup when you’re on the hunt for Mac backup software.

So what are the kinds of features you can expect to receive from our Mac backup software? In short, a lot—but for now, here’s a quick list to give you an idea:

- 1TB Storage Space

- Automated scheduled backups

- 256 bit SSL encryption

- Drag and Drop

- Ultra user-friendly interface

- File and folder syncing

- File and folder sharing

- Super-fast upload and downloads

- File versioning

- Highly competitive package plans

- NEW iPhone and iPad apps now available

- Device locator

- 24/7 support

- and more...

Fast, efficient, secure, and constantly evolving, MyPC Backup has an affordable and reliable online backup solution for you, whether you’re looking to backup for business or home purposes.

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