Imagine the situation. You’re rudely awakened in the middle of the night by a thunderous sound that’s growing by the second. As you stumble across your bedroom and pull open your curtains you then see the tornado ahead that’s tearing up you street, picking up cars, uprooting trees, and generally causing your mind to frazzle in panic. You immediately group together your wife and kids and send them running for their lives.

But as you are about to wave goodbye to your home and join them, you realize you have a good couple of minutes in which to run back into the house and save a few possessions. (This is just a hypothetical scenario, remember…!) So, you charge back in, quickly running through items in your head you’d like to save.

The first thing on your list is the dog. You figure that though he’s chewed most of your slippers beyond recognition over the years, you still get enough satisfaction out of seeing him bark at your mother in law when she comes to visit. Next, it’s a tossup between your old Star Wars memorabilia and your wife’s jewelry box—but since you like the idea of not dying at the hands of your wife (seconds after escaping a life-threatening tornado), you then decide to take the box.

With the dog under one arm and the jewelry box under the other, you run toward the front door, the whirring sound of destruction drawing nearer. As you reach for the handle, you stop, however, suddenly remembering your desktop computer that’s sitting upstairs, now just thirty seconds away from being ripped to pieces. You think of all that data you’re going to miss; your vast collection of music, and your countless photos and videos from your holidays.

But there’s no time left to do anything about it now! (For a split second you consider exchanging the dog for your computer tower—but talk yourself out of it.) You run out of the house screaming, eventually catching up with your family, and survive.

All right…so maybe this isn’t quite how you’d react should the situation happen to you for real—of course, you’d definitely take the Star Wars memorabilia and exchange the dog for the computer tower, wouldn’t you?

(Just kidding…)

However, one thing this little tale does do is effectively highlight the importance of backing up your computer’s data to offsite locations outside of the home. Our online backup services can protect your computer (and your other mobile devices) against all kinds of data disaster triggers such as hard drive corruption, crashes, and virus infection. Your important data is stored offsite within Amazon’s S3 Storage data centers, and is protected 24/7 by 256 bit secure socket layer encryption. And, if your house were ever to suffer unthinkable damages as the result of a natural disaster, you could quickly recover your computer’s data from another device through your online backup account.

There are many other great reasons to pick MyPC Backup as your provider. We offer some of the most comprehensible feature packages around, meaning that a plethora of tools and functions are always at your very fingertips to make managing online backup as simple as possible.

To learn more about our services and the different types of account packages available, feel free to browse our easy to navigate website and try out our online backup software for free.

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