The vast majority of new cases of data loss, can pretty much be attributed to an overall lack of oversight and education, according to one expert who has extolled the many pitfulls of data security.

According to John Terpening, USB business manager at Kingston, the "overwhelming majority" of incidents of data being lost on USB flash drives are mainly due to these factors.

He mentions that organisations are realising that any attempt to control a device, such as a USB, can be both "futile and costly", with regards to budget and loss of productivity.

However, "A simple analysis of what an organisation needs and the knowledge that there is a range of easy-to-use, cost-effective, secure USB Flash drive solutions can go a long way toward enabling organisations and their employees to get a handle on the issue."

It comes after Alex Fidgen, director of MWR InfoSecurity, had said that small businesses will need to very soon, embrace data security audits in the future in order to get business as the IT landscape continues to change.

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