Even though many people have already adopted data backup into their lives, there are still those who may be interested but are put off because of one fear in particular: privacy and security. And there’s nothing wrong with this in a way, because it’s good to be concerned about the integrity and protection of your data, isn’t it?

Among many of the reasons for concern, people may feel one or more of the following:

- Their data will be snooped on

- Their data will be at risk from hackers and viruses when in storage

- Their data will be at risk from hackers and viruses when uploaded/downloaded

- Their data may become lost or deleted after being backed up

Again, it’s good to worry about these things as no one should be careless with their data. However, when it comes to data backup with MyPC Backup, it should be known that we take the privacy and security of our user’s data extremely seriously. We as a data backup provider are here to offer the best service possible throughout every aspect of our acclaimed system.

Here’s how we ensure the ultimate platform of safety for our user’s data:

- We have no interest in, and will never attempt to snoop on our user’s data. In fact, we can’t. The only people who have access to the data are the users themselves

- Our user’s data is not at risk from hackers or viruses at any stage of the storage procedure, whether through upload, download, or initial storage itself. This is because of 256 bit secure socket layer encryption software which is active at all times

- Once stored on prestigious Amazon S3 servers, data cannot be lost or deleted due to the fact that we employ mirrored data centers as an added precaution. The only person who can delete data is the user

So, now that you know how seriously we take privacy and security, we hope to have cleared any doubts about our own data backup service. If you’d like to take our software for a test drive, why not try out our free trial version?

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