Computer backup can help any computer user with security, efficiency and productivity, we all know that, so therefore is it worth the money we pay? Of course the answer is yes, but what isn't so simple is judging the actual value of computer backup. Computer backup has already prevented millions upon millions of computer users from losing their files, some of which would have been worth nothing and some of which could have been photographs or videos which are impossible to value to somebody. Around 20% of people said that they would pay whatever it took to obtain their files back following a hard drive failure causing them to lose everything, and with the average price of computer backup around $10/month it seems a straight-forward decision to invest in computer backup. So, computer backup could be worth nothing to one computer user and thousands of dollars to another computer user but what is important to remember is that computer backup isn't just about backup these days. Computer backup offers multiple services, such as file syncing and file sharing - both of which would be paid services on their own - so effectively you are getting from computer backup is a huge amount of services for a small price.

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