MyPCBackup offers its computer backup customers a generous assortment of features and tools to help them with their everyday backup and recovery needs. They have been much praised by our customers, but in true MyPCBackup tradition, we have a number of additional upgrades that can amplify the strength of our services.

Here are a few of the computer backup upgrades currently on offer (they can be found through our website):

Priority Support – If you ever have a query or experience any kind of problems with our service, this will take it up to the next level by offering a whole different kind of support. Your questions will be put into our VIP support queue, meaning they will be answered in no time at all by our 24/7 support team who are on standby 365 days a year.

Sync Folder Additional Storage Options – If you ever find that your standard sync folder storage is reaching its summit, it’s probably time you started considering upgrading to one of our larger options. Why not give our Sync Folder Premium (10GB) upgrade a go, or maybe—for real storage maximisers!—Sync Folder Platinum (20GB)?

Remember, there are many more of these handy upgrades available on our website, so if you fancy increasing your online computer backup experience, it can be easily done through a few simple clicks.

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