Linux users have just about been introduced to modern day computer backup by the biggest computer backup vendors who offer their product over multiple operating systems, but until now there hasn't really been a dedicated Linux computer backup system. Enter Deja Dup, a Linux based computer backup program which looks like the simplest program on earth to use. All you have to do is open the computer backup program and select your backup medium from a list of options such as FTP, SSH, WebdAV and many more. Once you've done this you just select backup, and you never even have to open the computer backup program again, that is unless you want to set up a scheduled backup system which can be done within the computer backup system's options tab. One downside with unbelievable simplicity is the limited amount of features in comparison with other computer backup systems, so you cannot expect to see file and folder sharing or remote backup from systems like Deja Dup, however the simplicity could be a more appealing feature. In terms of security, Deja Dup encrypts all data before it is backed up which is a massive plus - Linux users should be very excited about this new computer backup program.

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