Even with the tremendous popularity and usage of PC backup by home and business users on a international scale, there are still negative comments floating around about the data protection system which has revolutionized the way we backup and access our important data—not to mention making it globally available at anytime.

However, much of what you hear on a daily basis is due to misconceptions from those who disperse the initial opinions or advice. And it’s no different when it comes to PC backup.

So to set the record straight, here is the truth behind some of the most common misconceptions about the system and its features:

“Macs, iPads and iPhones are only compatible with iCloud backup...”

This could not be any more untrue. Yes, iCloud is an option to consider, but there are plenty of other providers out there such as us here at MyPC Backup who offer 100% compatible PC backup software for all Apple operating systems and affiliated devices. With our Mac software, you get exactly the same features that you’d get if you’d signed up with our Windows version. Myth busted!

“You can sign up with any-old PC backup provider—they’re all pretty much the same, anyway...”

If you hear this advice from someone you know, it’s advised that you take everything they say from now on with a pinch of salt!—at least when it comes to PC backup providers! This is because this statement couldn’t be any more incorrect. All providers are different, have strengths and weaknesses, and offer different features. However, MyPC Backup takes a different approach by offering one of the most comprehensive, practical and reliable systems around, offering something for everyone no matter what their PC backup needs are. Myth busted!

“Data recovery from PC backup takes weeks...”

Perhaps this could be true if you were downloading a record label’s entire music archive—but for most intended purposes, it’s very likely to take a minimal amount of time. In fact, data recovery from PC backup providers has been recorded as being up to three-to-four times quicker than that of conventional methods such as tape and external hard drives. Myth busted!

“PC backup is only affordable for corporate enterprises...”

Another (huge) misconception. And the ‘why’ is simple—the massive boom in the PC backup industry has caused an unprecedented effect on the asking rates from services. Another words: PC backup is very affordable for the public and businesses. MyPC Backup itself is one of the most competitively priced providers around, and is what makes our comprehensive system seem even more attractive. So, whether you’re looking to simply backup your multimedia such as music, videos and images, or are looking to secure your business’s priceless data, we’ve got a great package and price lined up for you. Myth busted!

Hopefully this has helped put your mind at rest if you had any doubts about PC backup before reading.

One thing that definitely isn’t true about us is that we don’t offer a free try-before-buy version of our software to our potential users. So if you fancy giving our service a quick spin for free to see what it can do for you, why not download it, install it...and enjoy it?!

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