Harry Potter star Emma Watson recently revealed her devastation at losing photos that were taken during the final days of Harry Potter filming. The story published in Empire magazine described how she decided to use an old fashioned film camera after being persuaded to by a friend. The photos were accidently destroyed when an assistant turned the lights during the process of developing the images. Emma has vowed to embrace technology stating, “Digital cameras and Photoshop is the way to go.”

Emma’s story echoed that of Musician, DJ and Producer, Calvin Harris. Harris lost seven months and a whole album’s worth of work after his laptop was lost during an unfortunate incident at Heathrow’s T5; proving that even celebrities need backup protection.

Celebrities don’t think twice about employing a bodyguard to protect them, so why not invest in a digital bodyguard to keep their digital life safe?

This is where MyPC Backup fits in, should Calvin Harris ever have another airport disaster he will be instantly able to access all his files, albums and back catalogue from another computer via his Control Panel. If Emma where to delete any of her new digital photos on her camera, she could handily recover her images on her MyPC Backup desktop application at the click of a button.

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