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Consumers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on digital music annually, although 74 percent value photos or document files over music, according to a digital media survey from access provider MiMedia. The main key findings show... • Just under half (45%) of adults polled said ... Continue Reading

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Over the past 2 decades, consumers have come to rely more and more on computers. Standard means of communication, have given way to email and new social networking sites, digital images have replaced printed photos, and multimedia files have reduced the normal high demand for CDs and DVDs. ... Continue Reading

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As a parting shot, the group released a selection of documents apparently including confidential material taken from the Arizona police department and US telecoms giant AT&T. With recent arrests being made, and further investigations taking place around the world in regards to further ... Continue Reading

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1. Turn off the Gadgets The windows widgets that are on the right side of the screen are pretty lightweight, but on a low power system every little helps. 2.Disable Indexing Windows constantly indexes files to make sure you locate them quickly in a search, but unless you search regularly, ... Continue Reading

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