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MyPC Backup continues to reach the dizzying heights of greatness, by reaching number 1 on top consumer review site It's Editor, Cris Gonzales, was quick to point out MyPC Backup's advantages over its rivals. "When a company offers incredibly consistent ... Continue Reading

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Top Consumer review site Online Storage has today announced that MyPC Backup has become its number 1 online storage company, for personal use. After rising from number 3 to number 1 in the space of just a couple of months, it trully is the icing on top of the cake for us here, after months of ... Continue Reading

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This week, job-finder -, introduced a new online search service, integrated with their custom designed business analytics which are to be placed on a cloud network for diferent people to access. Named “Seemore”, the platform was built originally to fix Monster’s primary ... Continue Reading

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Many businesses have started to favour online data storage for many reasons. Its accessibility as well as stringent security measures has made it the popular choice over the past few years, according to IT experts. With features constantly being enhanced and updated to improve data backup, ... Continue Reading

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