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"Revolutionary and Pioneering" computer Mogul Dennis Ritchie has died. Dr Ritchie was one of the initial creators of the hugely influential Unix operating platform among one of his many leaps in this industry. A Huge amount of current modern technologies depend on the work he and other ... Continue Reading

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An online game is helping to determine the structure of enzymes that could be paving the way for anti-Aids drugs, and hopefully a cure for the virus. The game, called Foldit, allows players to create unique and new shapes of proteins randomly, by folding digital molecules on the users computer ... Continue Reading

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MP Louise Mensch says that she has received multiple threats against her and her children, from the hacking groups, Anonymous and LulzSec. She has since contacted House of Commons authorities, who have now referred the matter to the police. A spokesperson for the Met Police has said officers ... Continue Reading

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Watching a bit too much television can be just, if not more hazardous to health as obesity or smoking, according to a new report from Australia. “TV viewing time may be associated with a loss of life that is comparable to other major chronic disease risk factors such as physical inactivity and ... Continue Reading

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According to a 2011 Social Media Flash Poll, a whopping 94% of businesses have felt the negative consequences of poor data protection, ranging from large data loss to a damage to their reputation. In the last year alone, the staggering costs relating to social media incidents have now topped $4 ... Continue Reading

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A new report by Private Company Trendsetter Barometer security, currently shows the main priorities for SME's when it comes to IT. Cloud Computing was ranked fifth place (up 3 places on last year) on the list of “areas of likely IT investment” with areas such as “next generation data ... Continue Reading

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Many businesses have started to favour online data storage for many reasons. Its accessibility as well as stringent security measures has made it the popular choice over the past few years, according to IT experts. With features constantly being enhanced and updated to improve data backup, ... Continue Reading

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In the last few years, Sales of HTC's smart phones have risen, making it a big player in the industry, Apple has once again accused the Smartphone maker HTC of infringing its patents, in the latest phase of legal battles involving the two. Apple filed the complaint against the US ... Continue Reading

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Apple's Cupertino HQ today announced that the App Store has hit the 15 billion downloads mark. The Store currently contains well over 400,000 apps, a quarter of those are native iPad apps. There are now across the world over 200 million iOS devices, meaning that in download terms, that is ... Continue Reading

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Injury plagued England and ex Manchester United Midfielder Owen Hargreaves has taken YouTube by storm with his fitness proving videos, to help search for a new club. The player who's contract was not renewed this term by Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson, is determined to prove he is ... Continue Reading

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