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The development team at MyPC Backup HQ have been busy creating new features over the past couple of months. In a series of releases over the coming weeks you will see some exciting new features added to your account. We can however announce that our new folder sharing feature is now available to ... Continue Reading

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Last night it was reported that millions of Microsoft users were left unable to access online services because of a service failure. According to reports Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive were among the main services affected. Although Microsoft were still analysing the cause of the problem this ... Continue Reading

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In Dublin, a power outage has cut off power to the major cloud computing data hubs, for Amazon and Microsoft this week, according to media reports. lightning strikes being blamed for the cause of the outages, resulting in downtime for many sites using Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform and ... Continue Reading

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A new report by Private Company Trendsetter Barometer security, currently shows the main priorities for SME's when it comes to IT. Cloud Computing was ranked fifth place (up 3 places on last year) on the list of “areas of likely IT investment” with areas such as “next generation data ... Continue Reading

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SME's are increasing their IT budgets by just under 10 percent this year compared to 2010, and SME's demand for a range of IT services in particular, Cloud Storage and virtualization — continues to accelerate at a rapid rate, this according to a recent survey. The findings were hardly ... Continue Reading

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On Monday, it was announced that a bug in Dropbox's Backup Software made password protection optional for around four hours over the weekend on all accounts — meaning that anyone could log into an account simply by entering a correct user name. Given Dropbox's main functionality is used ... Continue Reading

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Flicking through the newspaper this morning I found an interesting article about cloud computing. The article, a report written by the Centre for Economics and Business research revealed the 5 biggest EU economies could jointly save £645 billion over the next 5 years by switching some of their ... Continue Reading

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Summer is upon us again and it’s the time of year when we pack our bags and head off to sunny beaches and clearer skies. Technology makes travelling a more enjoyable experience and we can keep ourselves entertained with an arsenal of Mobile Phones, Mp3 Players, Laptops and Portable DVD Players, ... Continue Reading

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