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This year there will be many companies, whether small, medium or large, looking to make the day to day struggle of managing all that overflowing data a lot simpler. It’s a new year, a new start, and lots of business owners will be thinking: maybe it’s time we did away with all those ... Continue Reading

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Nowadays, no matter the size of the business—small, medium, large or corporate—it seems like no one is immune from becoming the victim of a ghastly cyber attack. Hackers are often seen as the ghosts of the internet, appearing out of nowhere and often disappearing without being caught by ... Continue Reading

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The 2011 Business Data Loss Survey findings have been released, after scouring its vast directory it has come to light that the enterprise importance of laptop and desktop data protection is increasingly relevant in 2011. The new survey, sponsored by endpoint data backup & recovery company ... Continue Reading

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