Nowadays, no matter the size of the business—small, medium, large or corporate—it seems like no one is immune from becoming the victim of a ghastly cyber attack. Hackers are often seen as the ghosts of the internet, appearing out of nowhere and often disappearing without being caught by policing authorities.

Though the media often reports on external cyber threats as being the main reason attributed to business data breaches, a recent report from Forrester has uncovered some interesting statistics that may suggest otherwise. The survey, which collected data from 7000 European and N.American employees, revealed the following:

- 25% of data breaches were the work of external cyber attacks

- of the remaining 75% which came from internal issues, 12% surfaced from malicious intentions (such as ‘disgruntled employee espionage’), with the leftover 63% taking place because of employee human error such as accidentally losing data (including data stored on portable devices) and deleting it.

These results are most interesting, because although they highlight that outside-the-office threats are very much alive and kicking (and still to be feared), it’s in fact inside threats which may pose the bigger problem for businesses today.

Since these threats will always be a risk, it’s never been more important to employee the best data backup systems into the workplace.

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