Every now and then we all attend important milestone events, don’t we? We like to celebrate our friends, families and even our own achievements by throwing a party or attending a ceremony, whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday party, christening, family get together such as Christmas or thanksgiving, and so on...

There are so many events like this in life we all attend, but the point is that it’s not just important to attend them and create great memories—it’s that we remember to protect them. And how should we go about doing this exactly? Well, you could go about it by writing the data to piles and piles of CDs, DVDs and flash sticks. Or, you could choose a much simpler option, which is to back it all up with our online backup software.

This is so much more convenient for so many reasons, including:

- You can backup all of your photos and videos to one secure location—no matter your data volume size—stored within our offsite data center which is guarded by 256 bit SSL encryption

- Your files will be remotely accessible from a range of internet-ready devices—from anywhere in the world!

- In the event of data loss from your computer or another one of your devices (whether it be due to theft, hard drive failure, loss, or accidental deletion), all of your data can be recovered in little time

- Single photos or even entire photo albums can be shared with family members and friends through your online backup account, meaning the days of sending single file email attachments are finally over!

So remember, don’t just make memories—protect them too with online backup!

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