Having now traded a number of verbal punches, it’s finally time for backup veteran the External Hard Drive and newcomer Online Backup to prove who’s the best!



Ever since the clash was first announced twelve weeks ago, the build-up has been firework-loaded, with the External Hard Drive relentlessly taunting his younger opponent. “There’s no ‘O’ on my record," the device reiterated yesterday to the media. “Who’s been in with the Floppy, Flash Drive, Digital Video Disc and Compact Disc and defeated them one by one? I have. And I’m gonna’ do the same to this chump. He may have beaten those devices too, but they were my leftovers—bottom shelf contenders by that time. He’s got some fancy features, but he’s never fought anyone like me. I’ve been at the top of backup for a long time; I was backing up files before he was even an idea!"

“He’s an accomplished champion," Online Backup said. “A great one. Despite his antics leading up to the fight, I still have respect for him. After all, he paved the way for backup platforms like me. I’m sure he has a place in the history books, but I’m afraid my time has come to take over. What’s ever changed about his defense and mobility? Not a lot. I’m looking forward to a good fight."


Tale of the Tape



OB: Virtual

Ex. HDD: Physical



OB: 256 bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption (Bank Grade), 24/7 monitored Data Centers, 99.99999999% Durability Rates, Data Mirroring protocols implemented

Ex. HDD: Protective hard casing



OB: Backup device not necessary, files are accessible 24/7 anywhere worldwide through a range of devices (Desktop Computers—Windows, Mac, Linux—and Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones)

Ex. HDD: Device must be connected through a flash drive port and transported by the user



OB:Ultimate 1TB Storage Space

Ex. HDD: Average at 1-2 terabytes



OB: Drag & Drop, 100% Automated Scheduled Backups, File Sharing, Versioning and Syncing, 24/7 Technical Support, Home, Business and Reseller Plans

Ex. HDD: Convenient Drag & Drop function



OB: Uncapped download/upload speeds

Ex. HDD: Fast Device to PC transferring



OB: Completely weightless, files are stored on third-party Data Centers—this means there’s no backup device to be stolen, lost, damaged or at risk of hard drive failure/virus infection

Ex. HDD: approx. 250g



OB: Earliest forms in 1960s, commercial boom in 2008

Ex. HDD: Earliest forms in 1950s, commercial boom in late 1990s


The Result

Though fighting with the guts and determination that defined its career, the External Hard Drive was clearly exposed by the younger more dynamic Online Backup. After hearing the final bell, the backup veteran touched gloves with his younger foe, this time without the pre-battle hostility. “He was incredibly mobile with a tight, tight defense," he said. “The world is speeding ahead into a wirelessly connected era where data can be accessed in seconds through many devices; I just couldn’t keep up. Online Backup is the future."



The bout’s victor still praised his beaten foe for his courageous effort and legacy. “He was a true champion and never stopped fighting. He is one of the greatest and his achievements will never be forgotten. But I proved I was the better device and I plan to be on top for a long time to come. My mission is to be a great champion, one who provides the very best online backup solutions for the world, for business and commercial users."

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