Are you someone who’s very aware of the importance of PC backup in the workplace but tend to create reasons and excuses for not doing it regularly? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, a survey of fifty thousand US adults showed that almost ninety percent of them are in the same boat. The results also showed that even though hard drives store more files than ever before, thirty two percent of adults don’t back up their files at all, and thirty three percent of adults who do create a PC backup copy don’t do it regularly enough. Other results included the following.

When it comes to what they worried about losing the most, eight percent said videos and music, eighteen percent said typed documents (emails/letters, etc), twenty percent said contact details, twenty five percent said family photos and videos, and twenty nine percent said business related files.

When it comes to how frequently our backups are executed, fourteen percent said daily, fifteen percent said weekly, twenty nine percent said monthly, and forty two percent said once a year.

When it comes to reasons for not backing up data, eleven percent said they didn’t know they had to do it to begin with, twenty four percent said they thought it would take too much time, twenty two percent didn’t think it was of great importance, and forty three percent said they did not know how to backup.

These statistics show that whilst adults know about the importance of backup, for one reason or another they do not perform the procedures needed, meaning that data is very often left in the area of vulnerability.

This need not be the case though, however. Because with automated scheduled backups, which are offered by online PC backup vendors, backing up data need never be an issue again. It can eliminate humans’ forgetful/put off till later/ignorant attitude towards data storage for good and run independently without the need of reminding.

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