ONce again Apple is facing another potential lawsuite, thought to be in the region of £15 million, from 27,000 iPhone users after new research found that the iPhone was storing location data.

Research published this year revealed that iPhone users' movements were being constantly being tracked and stored without their knowledge. Apple responded by saying the data enhances the functionality of its smartphones, by decreasing the amount of time it takes to find a phone's location.

Apple released an iOS update to fix a bug that made storing location data hard to turn off, and said that it would stop backing up the file on the computer associated with each iPhone and encrypt the device.

This has not pleased 27,000 South Korean users, who have sought to bring a class-action against Apple. According to a new report by The Telegraph, lawyer Kim Hyung-Souk was paid one million won (£565) by Apple in May in compensation over location data storing.

His firm has now been instructed by the iPhone users who are seeking the same amount of compensation. This would mean a total payout of more than £15.2 million if their claim proves to be successful

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