Attendees from a recent Cloud Expo in New York took part in a survey which was designed to reveal user attitudes and adoption plans toward online backup. The idea behind it was to generate a more in-depth insight into the use of online backup which otherwise would have been harder to receive from the general public.

The respondents revealed a lot about their views of online backup and its place in society. Here are some of the results:

- 73% had implemented some form of online backup already, with 28% having used its services for three years or more

- 65% of these online backup users estimated that they could recover their data in under twenty four hours

- 3 out of every 8 organizations that did not use online backup stated that it would take over 7 days to recover data

- 60% said they valued the security of offsite data protection for disaster recovery over local hardware alternatives

- and 57% said they found access to backed up archives considerably easier through online backup

From these results it’s easy to see that there is a growing preference toward adopting an online backup system in replace of conventional local storage systems. And considering the accelerating rate of online backup currently throughout the world, it seems that it is here to stay for the long run.

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