Even with the positive results online backup is providing for its customers, there are still many myths floating around. Let’s take a look at the five most common:

Online backup is insecure – To think of one’s data being stored on an external data server causes many people to panic. Understandable. But nowadays the security provided by online backup companies are almost flawless. Because many of them use encryption from 128 to 448 bit, high end firewall clustering, and a team of data center monitors, files really couldn’t be in much safer hands.

Backing up daily is difficult – With modern online backup, this cannot be true. As manual backups are no longer a task that needs to be completed daily, customers can instead rely on automated scheduled backups. This can be set up in a few clicks. And once it is done, the system will do all the work for you.

Online Backup is not reliable – Anyone who thinks flash drives and CD’s will last forever need to consider the bigger picture. Not only can they be lost or stolen (especially flash drives) and be damaged easily, they also have a limited amount of storage space. They aren’t exactly a space saver either!

Online backup is really expensive – Definitely not true. Some providers may be more expensive than others, but on the whole prices are relatively cheap due to the growing market.

You don’t get much storage space – All providers offer different amounts. But again, this is untrue. Storage can range from 100GB all the way up to 1TB storage.

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