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  MyPC Backup is very pleased to announce the release of our brand new Mac update (v2.3.0.20) which is available to both new and existing users of our PC backup service. This update will provide our many users with a number of improvements and enhancements to optimize the functionality, ... Continue Reading

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Here at MyPC Backup we’re very excited and pleased to be able to announce the arrival of yet another mobile online backup app to stand alongside our always growing list. Our aim is of course to not only provide our customers with the best online backup experience around, but also to make it as ... Continue Reading

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(NOTE: A license transfer is only necessary when you wish to start 'backing up' from a NEW PC - which this tutorial will explain. To simply 'recover' files (via any PC), a license transfer is not necessary.) MyPC Backup users have one of the most intuitive all-round online backup services on the ... Continue Reading

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