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As it stands at the moment, about ten percent of user data is stored in the cloud using online backup software. A recent study has shown that this is rapidly growing and that by 2015 thirty eight percent of all user data will be stored in the cloud. A key factor that has driven this change is the ... Continue Reading

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Even though many people have already adopted data backup into their lives, there are still those who may be interested but are put off because of one fear in particular: privacy and security. And there’s nothing wrong with this in a way, because it’s good to be concerned about the integrity and ... Continue Reading

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The health sector is one that is always under pressure to keep its files both extremely secure and accessible. However, it’s a sector which has often felt helpless due to the fact that its IT departments are usually supplied with a slither of funding in which to enhance its IT resources to the ... Continue Reading

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Although current users of Microsoft’s popular operating system have been crying out for a built in Windows backup for a long, long time now, it seems they are very likely to find a look of disbelief on their faces when they install the company’s newest edition, Windows 8. Unfortunately for ... Continue Reading

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MyPC Backup’s aim is to provide the best possible computer backup system around! We do this in a variety of ways by offering a huge roster of features, user-friendly software, and affordable packages to meet every kind of user’s needs whether intended for business or personal usage. And now, ... Continue Reading

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Yes, it’s here! The My PC Backup Android app is available, meaning that now there is no stopping you when it comes to accessing your data from anywhere in the world! With this new app, which was released on the 1st July, you can enjoy all of My PC Backup’s fantastic cloud storage and ... Continue Reading

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Because we all live in a wireless world that demands fast and instant access to our information, it’s not too surprising that most people own a smartphone these days. Smartphones are no longer considered to be merely a slightly evolved ‘mobile’ phone, but are instead seen as highly ... Continue Reading

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There are many advantages of having online backup installed onto a single device such as a notebook or personal computer. Users who adopt the system into their lives can enjoy complete peace of mind in knowing that their important data—whether it be music, video, photos, or documents—is as ... Continue Reading

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MyPC Backup loves to offer its customers so much more than basic online PC backup. Because here we believe it’s all about the extras—the automated scheduled backups, the multiple device syncing, the folder sharing and so forth. We also believe it’s not just about the features either. We ... Continue Reading

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Throughout history man has discovered many great things. Because we’ve always recorded our findings in order to benefit the knowledge of future generations to come, our contributions toward uncovering a greater understanding of life on earth has been truly immortalized. The act of recording ... Continue Reading

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