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Top Consumer review site Online Backup Search, has just released their review of online backup provider MyPC Backup. (US!) After reviewing many features that we offer, the Online Backup Search's editors praised MyPC Backup’s ease of use and sheer speed of backing up files. Online backup ... Continue Reading

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Police are currently investigating the hacking of 13.2 million users accounts of Nexon’s hugely popular multiplayer online role-playing game, Maple Story. On Thursday last week, Nexon had found that Maple Story’s backup server had been hacked into, and personal information of around 13.2 ... Continue Reading

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Recovery company Axxana Inc. recently raised just over $5 million US Dollars from the US arm of Japan's Sumitomo Corporation's (TSE: 8053) Presidio Ventures and the company's current investors, including Carmel Ventures, Gemini Israel Funds, as well as a private investor - Moshe Yanai, a global ... Continue Reading

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One of the top consumer resources on the Web for online storage,, has over gone a complete makeover and re-design. Along with the makeover, a new tool has been implemented, scanning a user’s computer to determine just how much data they requiring to back up to find the ... Continue Reading

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Cyber crime is now the key cause of data loss, so much so the issue has become more pressing than ever as the threat to businesses increases across the globe. Robert Gorby, head ofl business propositions at AVG Technologies, recently said that there needs to be a much more unified approach to ... Continue Reading

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MyPC Backup continues to reach the dizzying heights of greatness, by reaching number 1 on top consumer review site It's Editor, Cris Gonzales, was quick to point out MyPC Backup's advantages over its rivals. "When a company offers incredibly consistent ... Continue Reading

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Top Consumer review site Online Storage has today announced that MyPC Backup has become its number 1 online storage company, for personal use. After rising from number 3 to number 1 in the space of just a couple of months, it trully is the icing on top of the cake for us here, after months of ... Continue Reading

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The development team at MyPC Backup HQ have been busy creating new features over the past couple of months. In a series of releases over the coming weeks you will see some exciting new features added to your account. We can however announce that our new folder sharing feature is now available to ... Continue Reading

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