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The 2011 Business Data Loss Survey findings have been released, after scouring its vast directory it has come to light that the enterprise importance of laptop and desktop data protection is increasingly relevant in 2011. The new survey, sponsored by endpoint data backup & recovery company ... Continue Reading

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TalkTalk is once agian the most complained about of broadband and phone service provider in the UK according to the latest data from industry regulator Ofcom. In April-June, it again topped the list of customer correspondence, while suprisingly, Virgin Media attracted the fewest ... Continue Reading

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An online game is helping to determine the structure of enzymes that could be paving the way for anti-Aids drugs, and hopefully a cure for the virus. The game, called Foldit, allows players to create unique and new shapes of proteins randomly, by folding digital molecules on the users computer ... Continue Reading

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One of the longest standing online backup industry review websites, has published its awards for PC backup excellence for August 2011. MyPCBackup came out Number 1 as best overall online backup provider, for their fully automated service which includes 1TB online ... Continue Reading

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Last night it was reported that millions of Microsoft users were left unable to access online services because of a service failure. According to reports Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive were among the main services affected. Although Microsoft were still analysing the cause of the problem this ... Continue Reading

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It has come to light that one in eight Brit's, have hacked into a friend or partners online accounts, according to a report published today. Nearly one-third of "casual hackers" said they did it "for fun", a similar number admitted they were snooping on a partner. A further 8% confirmed that ... Continue Reading

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When a natural disaster is about to strike, what can you do? - Pick up your belongings and run? - Did you stop to think "What about my digital life?" - Well here are a few tips to point you in the right direction... 1. Use any backup software that comes with your PC and store the backup disk in ... Continue Reading

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Apple must try to clear up "a string of open questions" about the user data stored by its iPhone, iPad, and other devices, a spokesman for Germany's new consumer protection ministry, said this week. The call, follows a similar request made by Senator Al Franken on Wednesday, which cited a report ... Continue Reading

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