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Search engine giant Google has launched a new social networking website in its latest attempt to thwart the rise of Facebook, which currently stands at a whopping 500 million online users. The new service Google+allows users to share photos, messages and comments, also allowing the ... Continue Reading

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Can’t raise the energy to tweet? Feel like Facebook is Today's Fish and chip Paper?? You might have a dose of social media fatigue — a surprisingly, and increasingly common syndrome. Like most things, there is a distinct pattern when a new social networking service appears from the blue, ... Continue Reading

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As a parting shot, the group released a selection of documents apparently including confidential material taken from the Arizona police department and US telecoms giant AT&T. With recent arrests being made, and further investigations taking place around the world in regards to further ... Continue Reading

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With the news last week that the Winklevoss twins had dropped their long running discpute with Facebook, it seems the legal proceedings have started again with a fresh lawsuit against the company. In it, the twins claim that Facebook had "intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence" ... Continue Reading

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On Monday, it was announced that a bug in Dropbox's Backup Software made password protection optional for around four hours over the weekend on all accounts — meaning that anyone could log into an account simply by entering a correct user name. Given Dropbox's main functionality is used ... Continue Reading

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Travelodge has told customers who've received spam email that the company has not lost their credit card details, which is nice. The letter said: Our main priority is to ensure the security of our customers' data, which is why I wanted to make you aware that a small number of you may have ... Continue Reading

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The Winklevoss brothers, Harvard contemporaries of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, have ended their legal battle with the social network. They reached a $65m (£41m) settlement in 2008, after claiming that Mr Zuckerberg stole their idea. The legal spat was famously immortalised in the ... Continue Reading

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Clearly we werent the only ones having problems with Wordpress yesterday.. has just posted the following on its blog: “Earlier today the WordPress team noticed suspicious commits to several popular plugins (AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache) containing cleverly ... Continue Reading

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Yesterday Dropbox experienced a massive security error, allowing users access to any account without the need to enter a password. This must be the work of ‘Anonymous’ i hear you cry?! You’d be wrong of course. The culprits behind this huge security breech were Dropbox’s own ... Continue Reading

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Computer data backup isn’t one of the sexiest topics to talk about. Data backup may not be one of the most interesting things to discuss at a party. It’s a topic that sounds more like talking about car insurance to many people. But if you have ever experienced a crashed hard disk drive or ... Continue Reading

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