Earlier this year, federal CIO Vivek Kundra put into place a 25-step program to get government off on-premise IT solutions and into the cloud. According to an InformationWeek report, the transition has been going very well so far.

Speaking to a Senate committee a few weeks ago, Kundra as well as other IT officials had explained that the government has managed to save millions manually moving systems and processes into cloud computing. The officials said, the government has saved around $1.7 million by moving the website USA.gov into the cloud, and on top of that, both the General Services Administration and the Department of Agriculture have saved near on $40 million by deploying off site hosted email services.

According to a recent CTOlabs.com report, the vast majority of agencies are still using outdated storage tapes to back up their data. But even that is beginning to change, more agencies now deploy Online Backup service to lower costs, and improve data protection, as well as disaster recovery practices.

As part of his report, Kundra spotted that nearly a quarter of the federal government's IT budget this year may just go toward cloud-related spending. The government continues to look for ways to make the taxpayer's dollar go farther, it seems a move to the Cloud the next step. Of course, if the federal government can even sense the opportunity and actually take advantage of it, then certainly small and mid-sized businesses should be looking at the cloud as an opportunity and not an expense.

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