TalkTalk is once agian the most complained about of broadband and phone service provider in the UK according to the latest data from industry regulator Ofcom.

In April-June, it again topped the list of customer correspondence, while suprisingly, Virgin Media attracted the fewest complaints.

(I say suprisingly as i have had nothing but trouble with them)

However, Ofcom did note that TalkTalk had improved since its last report.

In the mobile industry, the most complaints were about 3, driven by disputed charges and customer service issues, including outsourcing their contact centres

Over the same period, O2 had the fewest complaints.

Ofcom published the first report in October last year, when TalkTalk and 3 also featured as the most problematic firms.

As a direct result of the numerous complaints it received last year, Ofcom slapped a £3m fine on TalkTalk and its Tiscali UK subsidiary for incorrectly billing more than 65,000 customers for services they had not received.

TalkTalk - 0.8 complaints per 1,000 customers
BT Retail - 0.25
BSkyB - 0.25
Virgin Media - 0.15

It was the largest fine that the regulator has given to a telecoms firm at that time.

TalkTalk, which bought Tiscali UK in 2009, blamed the billing errors on the amalgamation of the Tiscali UK business.

It has since paid more than £2.5m in refunds and goodwill payments to affected customers.

3UK - 0.14 per 1,000 customers
Orange - 0.07
T-Mobile - 0.06
Vodafone - 0.06
Virgin Mobile - 0.05
O2 - 0.02

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