Backing up our prized files, whether personal memories or business and financial-related, has never been so important in an age where we create and store endless amounts of data via a range of stationary and mobile devices.

Such is the case that a day now exists to encourage us to protect this priceless data should a disaster happen to our computers, notebooks, smartphones or tablets.

This day is known—of course!—as World Backup Day, which takes place on 31st March.

The website,, helps reiterate the sordid fact that all technology was unfortunately not designed to last forever, or, to be immune to accidental damage, loss or theft.

Take your hard drive or external counterpart, for example. It may seem fit and well now, serving all your storage needs—but what happens when it kicks the bucket for good? (...or more specifically, when it becomes corrupt or infected by a virus?)

And what about your tablet or smartphone? What would you do if you left it on a train, or had it pick-pocketed at the station? If it was your work phone, possessing sensitive information, you probably wouldn’t find yourself on the employee of the month board any time soon...

In way of family photos, those memories may be priceless in one sense. But just think how much you’d be willing to pay to get all those years worth of holidays and momentous occasions back? It’s probably a high number, isn’t it? And rightly so, too.

However, hopefully, due to the increased awareness raised by World Backup Day, more and more people will begin to realize they don’t have to run the risk of being another data loss statistic.

Why?—because online backup can save us all from this frustrating and tragic experience.

Online backup, put simply, consists of three major elements: bank-grade security and encryption, data center storage which delivers 99.9% durability rates, and the ability to backup and access your data from any device worldwide. (...and one other thing: it’s highly affordable for everyone!)

These elements of online backup not only offer superior protection over the likes of flash pens and compact discs, but have redefined how we view our data, since we no longer need to carry it ever again.

So what are you waiting for? Be prepared for the worst. Be prepared for the future. And be prepared to feel the benefit of online backup.

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