Police are currently investigating the hacking of 13.2 million users accounts of Nexon’s hugely popular multiplayer online role-playing game, Maple Story.

On Thursday last week, Nexon had found that Maple Story’s backup server had been hacked into, and personal information of around 13.2 million of the 18 million registered users were compromised.

The company then reported the incident to the KCC (Korea Communications Commission) at about 5 p.m GMT on Friday and had requested that the police investigate the incident further.

According to Nexon, the genuine hacker gained access through the system to names, gamer IDs, resident registration numbers and the passwords to the 13.2 million user accounts.

Investigations are currently ongoing, and the police are leaving it open to the possibility that they may of been an insider involved in the hacking or that those responsible had inside help.

Authorities will now also determine whether or not the server has been affected by malware, and then to track the route the malware was implanted from, if within the server any such programs are found.

Ian Leighfield

Posted in: Data Storage