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Clearly we werent the only ones having problems with Wordpress yesterday.. has just posted the following on its blog: “Earlier today the WordPress team noticed suspicious commits to several popular plugins (AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache) containing cleverly ... Continue Reading

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Just when it seemed that the Data Security grey cloud had disappeared from the gaming and banking industry, its back. SEGA are the latest high profile company to get its database broken into. 1.3 million customers have had their names, birthdates, and email addresses swiped from under ... Continue Reading

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Figures in a recent report have shown that attacks on computer systems, industrial espionage and theft of company data costs businesses alone £21billion a year. Theft of intellectual property from businesses cost £9.2billion and industrial espionage costs £7.6 billion. In addition Cyber ... Continue Reading

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A recent article in ‘Wired Magazine’ reported the arrest of an alleged hacker called Masato Nakatsuji. Nakatsuji is accused of creating a virus that replaces every file on a computer with images of sea urchins, octopi and squid. The virus, known as Ika-tako (translates to ... Continue Reading

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