Features of MyPCBackup

Don't risk losing years worth of family photos, home videos, or emails.

Automatic backup

Sync Multiple Computers

Everyone will at some point make an effort to create backups of important files or documents. Up until recently these were more commonly done by making hard copies of files to be stored. Digital copies are were also often made, generally stored in separate media such as CDs or an external hard drive. The simple reason for this is that valuable data on a computer, makes it vulnerable to human error, software failure, equipment malfunction or acts of god.

So why is Automatic Backup such an important feature when looking for online backup and storage?

Automatic Backup allows services such as ourselves to silently backup your precious files and folders without you having to do anything - This happens every time your computer or laptop is restarted or rebooted. Having this benefit gives you, the user, the peace of mind that should the worse happen, all your memories, important documents and even favourite films, are not only stored but continuously backed up.

  • We do the work so you don't have to
  • Easy, Fast, Secure
  • Keep's previous copies of documents
  • Peace of mind knowing that your files are always safe
  • Schedule your automatic backup at a time that is good for you
  • Automatic Backup every time computer is restarted