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  • it's one of the few providers that offers "real" unlimited backup - supports unlimited number of computers, does not put any size limit on file uploads, and does not cap bandwidth when uploading large volumes of data.
  • We love their software, and the speed/ease of which it works. Gigabytes of data seamlessly uploaded, and within 24 hours we were fully backed up. - Not one to just sit back and rest on their laurels, MyPCBackup has done it once again with a whole new set of advanced features
  • If you are looking for an online backup with security, versioning, scheduled backups, a sync file for syncing multiple computers, and the ability to access your files via the web from anywhere, then take a close look at MyPCBackup
  • With the additional support and features you would think MyPCBackup would charge a higher premium but actually they were competitively priced as the lowest priced unlimited option we could find
  • If you are considering an online backup option for either yourself, or for your company, we believe that you should strongly consider the firm MyPCBackup, as your primary Choice
  • MyPCBackup packs every online backup feature possible including desktop application, Sync multiple computers, Unlimited Storage, Encrypted and Secure Connection. Access from anywhere your files and folders from anywhere in the world